LEONE 1947®

IBFF ® is the official and exclusive technical partner of Leone 1947 for Combat Fitness.
This is not a simple sponsorship but a solid and structured partnership with the precise objective of combining the experience of IBFF ® in fitness with the know-how and prestige of Leone 1947.
It is a great honor for IBFF ® to collaborate with a company that strengthens and consolidates the company’s positioning within the fitness world.


The partnership with Boxercise ® began almost by accident from the intuition of Vincenzo Mazzarella, founder of IBFF®, to unite and recode the experience of Andercile Boxercise ®, from 30 years leader in padwork, with musical fitness. In Italy IBFF ® is the exclusive and exclusive licensee of the Boxercise ® brand, offering specific courses for Personal Training and working with children.


CSAiN and the Sports Promotion Agency recognized by CONI of which Vincenzo Mazzarella is Delegate National Discipline Gym Boxing.

Vel – Communication design studio

Vel is a group of professionals with a passion for web design and creates communication and marketing projects. Active partner of IBFF®, Vel takes care of maintaining the technical features of the portal and ecommerce.