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In a few years IBFF ® has become the first Combat Fitness school in Italy with the GroupBoxing®. The reasons are many but first of all the extreme attention and care for training. Our courses are rich in contents and practical workshops, the result of direct experience in the field and continuous study.
Our task is to create professionals who are prepared and ready to face the challenges and situations that are created daily in fitness centers, with a constant attention to never losing contact with the concrete reality with which we must confront ourselves.
We organize courses throughout the national territory and beyond.

Instructors register

In the list of official IBFF® instructors you will find instructors able to guarantee high levels of preparation and professionalism. The IBFF® register is reserved and exclusive and represents the showcase of all the instructors who are constantly updated and who are part of the Community.

IBFF® Community

The IBFF® Community represents an exclusive and reserved added value created so that all the instructors can have a constant point of reference for their professional growth and at the same time share experiences, strengthen the brand, always guarantee quality standards of absolute excellence.
Membership and participation in the Community allow IBFF® instructors to constantly update themselves through distance training using tools such as social networks. The IBFF® Community also allows them the opportunity to continuously discuss with the teachers and receive support and advice, giving access to exclusive advantages and the use of trademarks.

Community advantages

Being an official IBFF® instructor is a guarantee of professionalism ensured by enrollment in the Community, a necessary condition for the use of trademarks, and annual participation in at least one mandatory but free GroupBoxing ® Academy Update.
Being part of the Community guarantees instructors:

  • Use of trademarks
  • Possibility to participate in a completely attended course for free every year
  • Discounts on clothing and equipment IBFF®/Leone 1947
  • Discounts on training courses
  • Obligatory free annual update
  • Professional WEB PANEL
  • Marketing materials
  • Placement in the exclusive and reserved Facebook group
  • Video tutorial
  • Video Conference
  • Job opportunities through the IBFF® Network
  • Possibility of joining the IBFF® National Team
  • Agreement with CSAIn to receive the CONI / CSAIn Diploma